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MEO Consulting

I coach women to make courageous life impacting decisions to build their confidence. My coaching is results-based and goal oriented. I am the catalyst to help you reach your potential. YOU can achieve much more than you tell yourself. With an open heart and mind, we will get your feet firmly planted on your true path. 


Success Coaching

Limiting beliefs?

Negativity preventing you from moving forward?

Know what you want but now sure where to start?

Have big dreams but need some help achieving them?

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About Me

I have trapped eagles, hawks, falcons and owls. I have removed the liver of an antelope (on purpose). I climbed a fifty foot pole and leapt - just to see if I could do it! I have walked over hot coals. I have birthed three babies. I have quit jobs, been laid off, laid off others. I've slept on the ground, flown through the air and swam in the ocean. I feel invincible. 

My point here is I'm no different than you. I had my ups and downs but now I am up way more than I am down. I built my confidence through courage and mere fortitude. You can do the same. If you are not happy - do something about it. Life is too damn short.