Transformational coaching to take you from the ordinary to extraordinary

MEO Consulting

My superpower is helping clients plan their success. Together, we identify what is holding you back, clear out the clutter, and get you laser focused on your goal.

If you are committed to taking your life or your business to the next level, schedule a call with me.

Be prepared to get crystal clear on what you want and ready to develop a plan for your success. I'll hold you accountable to your commitments and challenge you to upgrade your life and your future. . 




About Me

I am a daughter, a wife, and a mother of three. I am a passionate lover, a powerful leader, am strong willed (stubborn?) woman who truly believes she can foster great change in this world.

I believe everyone has the ability to tap into their own power - their unique superpower - and use it to live an amazing life. But somehow we all get wrapped up in our heads and can’t forget about our power and lose our way.

The path from your head to your heart is the longest journey you’ll ever take. Let’s work together to identify what’s stopping you. Let’s reignite that superpower and get you back on the road to your wildest dreams.